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TBR Training is a top ranked Fucntional Movement training program for athletes of all levels.

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Core; Wrestling. boxing. & karate

The 3-M's of Training

Total body recognition

“The 3 M’s of Training guide our fast-tracked results. The secret sauce to the “wow” factor of our custom workouts if you will.  The “Muscle”, The “Movement”, and The “Mental”. When these 3 elements are firing simultaneously we have gained optimal functionality.”  

Get in extra great shape

Elite Conditioning

new innovative Conditioning Programs

“Our conditioning programs are second to none. Our creative approach keeps us far ahead of any competitor. We fast-track our athletes to the Elite levels of conditioning shape.”

The Stop and Go

Functional Movement

Master The Basics of Change of direction

“Our primary focus is mastering one of the cornerstones of elite sports performance. It’s not just about speed; it’s also involves slowing down, accelerating, instantly shifting directions, and emerge unscathed. Our commitment is safety, excellence, and innovating the safest training methodologies available to top athletes.”

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Technique Training Camp

NFL Players: Pass-Pro. & Pass-Rush Camp

Fort Blocks vs. Sack City

Tbr Training hosted the first true “Technique Training Camp” for Pro-Athletes. Defensive linemen enjoyed new pass-rushing techniques, power, and leverage keys, as the Offensive linemen worked on pass-protection skillsets and using the counter-balance of weight and speed against their opponents. Just a fun time. More to come…

The Mental Coaching

The real advantage

think and Compete on a new level

“We overstand the importance of individuals believing in themselves and seeing true gains they may not have thought they could achieve as fast. So we think, compete, and train the brain to be in sub-conscious mode at all times. Trust the process.” 

The Band Master

Resistant Band Training

Bands produces the Most Mind-blowing results

“Elite, safe, and sport simulated. This portion of training is taking the world by storm. Our ability to simulate functional movement as it relates to the sport of the athlete is unheard of in the industry. Traditional methods are not our go-to, we level up and level up fast. No one uses bands in the manner in which TBR does. We have been utilizing bands uniquely since 2005…”


Virtual Coaching Available

In-Person & Virtual Coaching Available

Our technology allows us to be just as effective virtually as we are in person. Postural corrections, Film Study, Lab Board, Overlays, and recorded sessions to review. Group sessions and private Co-Lab Seats will be available to address very specific techniques and coach a multitude of athletes at a time. No longer will distance, time zones, and availability become an issue to receiving the elite guidance top athletes need. 

The Man behind the Technique

Head Technique Coach

Functional Movement Specialist

“With over 18 years of developing his program for Pro Athletes, Coach Jay has built a name for himself with his innovative approach to technique and posture as it pertains to sports. His innate ability to make corrects, and spot the pinpointed issue is incredible. Whether on film or in person he is always in pursuit of greatness for the athletes he works with.  His customized approach to each individual athlete is unique and highly respected.”

All Sports & Athletes Welcomed. Elite Training.

"He took a chance on me"

The Tribute To: "El-Captain" #91...!!!

The First Client. nFL - NY. Giants JUSTIN TUCK!

2X Super Bowl Champion Mr. Justin Tuck. NYG Defensive End who became one of the best pass-rushing defensive linemen in the game of football. He proved that with his power, speed, strength, and knowledge of the game, he can add tremendous value as a pass-rushing defensive tackle. Justin is a great Husband, Father, son, and brother. His love is rooted in his love for God and his family. Justin is “just” a great man and friend. Thank you… Justin.